You will always be my star aromatherapy Sachet



Mindfulness is a shift in your self-awareness, It helps you appreciate your life rather than rushing or getting lost in it.

These sachets are another little way to keep you centred, motivated or to pick you up when you are low.

These sachets will make a wonderful gift for any person or yourself who is in need of healing relaxation, whether male or female. If you choose Gift when you are purchasing the sachet, I can send it directly to your loved one with your personal gift message. This could be just the little uplift they need.

If lavender is selected as your chosen mindful scent, the sachets are also perfect to slip into your wardrobes or drawers. They help to keep your clothes and belongings fresh and free of moths.

Lavender and chamomile have been used for many years to help you to relax, relieve stress and give you a good nights sleep.

My sachets measure approximately 2.5 inches by 5 inches.

The pattern placement may be slightly different, from the image above. But it will be cut from the same fabric.

Why not buy more than one and create a lovely set? Or mix and match the quotes for an uplifting feel.

This is perfect for anyone going through a hard time, exams, or a change in circumstances.


Lavender, Lavender & Chamomile


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