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This is a pair of cotton hand warmers which are filled with wheat and a scent of your choice, either lavender, plain or cinnamon.

These make a great gift for those cold mornings! Dog walkers, commuters, those who suffer from pain conditions.

The hand warmers measure approx 5 inches by 2.5 inches.

I also take commissions for my wheat products to the size my customers would like.

The pattern placement may be slightly different, from the image above. But it will be cut from the same fabric.

Each set (2 handwarmers) comes with a set of instruction, as follows:

Hand Warmer Care Instructions

• To heat your handwarmers place in a microwave on a high (700w) heat setting for 30 seconds. Only heat in a microwave with a freely moving turntable.

• Every couple of times you heat your hand warmers simply sprinkle them with water before heating. This will stop the wheat drying out and burning.

• Once Heated do not place wheat bag under bedding or blankets whilst unattended or whilst sleeping.

• Do not use if fabric becomes discoloured or damaged in anyway.

• Do not use if wheat bag smells burnt.

• Do not reheat your hand warmers again until it has fully cooled.


Lavender, Just Wheat


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